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What are the main uses of micro excavators

With the development of The Times, the advance of science and technology, the proportion of machines replacing labor force is increasing, and the application of small construction machinery is becoming more and more extensive. The birth of small excavators has replaced the original heavy large wheeled excavators. Compared with large excavators, small excavators have low fuel consumption, good quality, low failure rate, free from space restrictions and multiple functions, which can be applied to the following aspects:

In simple terms, from the basic field weeding and ditching to greenhouse land repair; From fertilizing and loosening the soil of the orchard to the work of paddy fields, there are small excavators busy figure. Small excavators with different fittings can do different jobs, digging, crushing, drilling, pushing, grasping; This is the charm of small excavator. Here’s why mini excavators are so popular.

1: price advantage: because large excavators are expensive, small excavators have a certain advantage in price, ranging from 30,000 to more than 200,000, and small excavators are not inferior to large excavators in performance; 2: The advantage of volume: the large excavator because of the working environment is too narrow and complex, it can do nothing, and the small excavator is small in size, flexible in movement, can work in a small space, not affected by space limitations, very popular. In the rural environment, the advantages of small excavators can be played incisively and vividly, the application is very extensive.

According to the Angle of turntable rotation, can be divided into half rotary rotary mechanism and full rotary rotary mechanism. Suspension hydraulic excavators usually use half rotary rotary mechanism, rotary Angle is generally equal to or less than 180°. According to the structure of hydraulic motor can be divided into cylinder and blade type hydraulic two types

These kinds of transmission methods are powered by oil cylinders, which drive the working device around the rotating shaft through the chain sprocket or steel rope pulley, rack gear and lever system. The first two large corner, stable torque, cylinder does not swing, so it is easy to arrange, but the structure is complex. Rack gear transmission mechanism has two series of single rack and full rack cylinder, the Angle is generally 90°, 120° and 180°, individual can reach 270°. The lever transmission mode is simple in structure, but the corner is small, the moment of transfer is changing in the process of rotation, and the cylinder is in the swing state, so it is inconvenient to arrange.

One of the three main parameters of the excavator refers to the volume of the bucket that can load materials. A digging machine can be matched according to the material density of different bucket size bucket capacity. Reasonable selection of bucket capacity is one of the important means to improve operation efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Post time: Oct-16-2021