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Standard of use of diesel oil for diesel forklift truck and method of improving working efficiency

Diesel forklift is the warehouse material handling equipment, greatly reduces the labor intensity of people, improves the logistics operation efficiency and service quality of the warehouse, reduces the logistics cost, plays an important role in the logistics warehousing work, greatly promotes the rapid development of the logistics warehouse.

This section describes the types of warehouse handling equipment

1. Warehouse equipment

It mainly includes shelves, aerial loading, transport vehicles, entry-exit transport equipment, sorting equipment, winch, handling robot and computer management and monitoring system. These devices comprise automated, semi-automated, mechanized commercial warehouses that can load, access, sort and transport items.

2. Handling equipment

Refers to the equipment used for material movement, lifting, loading and unloading, short distance transportation, is an important part of logistics machinery equipment. According to the utility and structural characteristics, loading, unloading and handling equipment mainly includes lifting equipment, continuous transportation equipment, loading, unloading and handling vehicles, special loading, unloading and handling equipment, etc.

3. Transportation equipment

The unique position of transportation in logistics has put forward higher requirements for transportation equipment, which requires transportation equipment to be high-speed, intelligent, universal, large-scale and safe and reliable, improve transportation efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and optimize the use of transportation equipment. According to the different modes of transport, transport equipment can be divided into trucks, railway trucks, freighters, air transport equipment and pipeline equipment.

Diesel forklift using diesel fuel matching standards

The use of diesel forklift has brought great convenience to warehouses and factories, but what selection criteria must be paid attention to when using diesel?

1. Ignition should be moderate. Ignitability of diesel fuel refers to the ability of diesel fuel and air to form a combustible mixture after ignition and combustion, usually expressed by “cetane number”. The cetane value of light diesel used in forklifts is 45-60. Low cetane value will lead to rough working of diesel engine and difficult starting in winter. The cetane value is too high, the diesel sprayed into the combustion chamber can not mix with the air fully and catch fire, the combustion is not complete, the exhaust of the internal combustion forklift gives out black smoke, and the power decline leads to the increase of fuel consumption.

2. A certain viscosity is required. Its purpose is to ensure good lubrication of the plunger of the fuel injection pump under the premise of good spray and complete combustion.

3. Proper evaporation. The evaporability of diesel oil is expressed at the temperature of 50%, 90% and 95% fractions, reflecting the performance of diesel oil from liquid to gas. The lower the temperature, the better evaporation.

To ensure the normal operation of the diesel forklift, it is necessary to lift the box. We can choose diesel with high freezing point as far as possible under the condition of temperature permitting, so as to improve economic benefits. Therefore, the freezing point of diesel oil is usually 5 or so lower than the local low temperature. The performance indexes of different kinds of light diesel are basically the same except freezing point. Therefore, when there is insufficient container in the oil unit, it can be mixed without affecting the quality.

Post time: Oct-16-2021