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China product Model 60 construction wheel type hydraulic excavator for sale

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Wheel-type excavator is better than crawler excavator.

1. It fully meets the operation requirements of high efficiency and flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection in the city, and makes the urban construction more flexible.
2. Its breakthrough design brings a new idea for urban operation, which does not hurt the road surface and is convenient for transfer.
3. Tire adopts special thickened steel ring, 16 layers of high wear-resisting, bearing strong, long life.
4. In addition to strong performance, driving experience is impeccable, luxury cab adjustable suspension seat, comfortable operation, low-noise, low-vibration design for the driver as the center of the work space, to provide drivers with a more comfortable working environment.

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Model HE60 fits with Laidong 4 cylinder engine, 55 kw, greater horsepower, less noise, the maximum digging depth of 3.8 meters, the largest mining height 4.05 meters, the vehicle USES the reinforced structure, flat pallet on the 20 mm thick, solid sheet materials, deformation small rigidity, increasing the cooling area, good heat dissipation, under the frame of box-type structure, box plow, overall using robot welding, high strength stability, it excavates the strength is strong, the body is solid, the price is cheap, the return on investment is high.

Mini wheel excavator can install hydraulic-powered attachments such as a breaker, a grapple or an auger, the excavator is frequently used in many applications other than excavation. Our excavators feature a quick (hitch)coupler for simplified attachment mounting, increasing the machine's utilization on the jobsite. Excavators are usually employed together with loaders and bulldozers. Our compact excavators have a backfill (or dozer) blade. This is a horizontal bulldozer-like blade attached to the undercarriage and is used for levelling and pushing removed material back into a hole.


Model HE-60
Transport Length 5900 mm
Transport Height 2550 mm
Transport Width 1920 mm
Tire center Distance 2550mm
Counterweight Ground Clearance 900mm
Tyre Number 8-655
Boom Length 2400mm
Arm Length 1300mm
Digging Height 4050mm
Dumping Height 3050mm
Digging Depth 3820mm
Digging Distance 6010mm
Digging Radius 6150mm
Minimum Radius of Gyration 2350mm
Lifting Height Shovel 350mm
Tail Swing Radius 1650mm
Engine LD 498
Power 55KW
Operating Pressure 25mpa
Climbing Ability 26°
Digging Force 82KN
Travel Speed 35km/h
Swing Speed 9-11km/h
Bucket Capacity 0.3cbm
Fuel Reservoir 110L
Hydraulic Tank 100L
Operating Weight 6000kg

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