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CE ISO Certified 1ton 2 ton 3 ton 3.5 ton diesel forklift made in China FOR SALE

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The Rough Terrain Lift Diesel Trucks produced by our company has 3 to 9 tons, which is equipped with the engine of well-known brands, four-wheel drive, thickened steel plate, stable fuselage, simple operation, flexible turning, good cross-country performance and wide driving.

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Main Features

Rough Terrain forklift trucks made of hydraulic transmission, wide-base tyre and four-wheel driving, have excellent cross-country ability. It can be attached with all kinds of optional device. It can safely load and move goods on slopes and uneven ground.

It is mainly used for construction site, dock yards, construction mines, stone yards, civil engineering, mountain forest areas, etc.

Off-road forklift has good mobility, off-road and reliability. It can load, unload, stack and move goods safety on slope and uneven ground. It can be equipped with a cargo fork and other attachment to improve operation efficiency.


Model HE-3.0T HE-5.0T
Rated Load 3000 kg 5000 kg
Max.unloading Height 3500 mm 3500 mm
Overall Weight 4500 kg 7800 kg
Max.Grade Ability 16°≤30° 16°≤30°
Engine Model YUNNEI 490 Supercharged engine YUNNEI 4102 Supercharged engine
Engine Power 55kw 76kw
Drive Mode Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive
Steering Mode Articulated Articulated
Front Tire 20.5/70-16 Steel wire tire 900-20 Steel wire tire
Rear Tire 20.5/70-16 Pneumatic tire 16/70-20 Pneumatic tire
Ground Clearance 280  mm 32 mm
Wheelbase 2250  mm 2450 mm
Min.Turning Radius 3750  mm 4250 mm
Max. Speed 25-30km/s 25-30km/s
Dimensions 4450*1800*2600 mm 5350*2100*2800 mm

Our Advantage

a.Enthusiastic service, recommend suitable products for you, so that you do not spend wrong money.
b.Product quality is guaranteed, we can provide ISO, CE, EPA, CO certificates.
c.We can make special customization according to customer's requirements.
d.We provide a perfect after-sales system, after-sales any problem we will be the first time to solve for you.

Our Service

a.We will provide online technical support and maintenance suggestion.
b.We will provide free tools bags with products.
c.We will provide free replace service when main parts malfunction, we can also help with the replacement of other parts.


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