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Application Field

Mini crawler&wheel excavator

Because of the advantages of small size and low initial investment cost, small excavators have a wide range of applications in urban construction decoration, agricultural gardens and other aspects. They are the panax for small engineering operations.

1. Greenhouse overturning: vegetable greenhouses are generally relatively low, and large agricultural machinery cannot carry out operations in them, so overturning and ditching operations are replaced by miniature excavators.

2 tunnel construction: the height of small excavators is relatively low, can be opened into some small tunnel construction, some manufacturers have even developed electric driven miniature excavators, more suitable for the tunnel operating environment.

3. Steel furnace slag cutting: steelmaking mainly uses converter or electric furnace equipment to make steel, and a lot of steel slag is generated in the smelting process. In the process of dealing with steel slag, small excavators are often used to turn slag and scrape slag, and the working environment is relatively bad, which is a great test for drivers and excavators.

4. Interior decoration: it is necessary to tear down the wall and break the hole during interior decoration. The mini-excavator is more efficient than the artificial sledgehammer.Mini excavators are smaller and can be accessed via stairs or even elevators.


5. In the field of municipal engineering: trench excavation and underground pipeline filling are indispensable in municipal construction. Micro-excavator has become the best choice with its small size and flexible mobility.In addition, the large arm of a small excavator can swing 90 degrees, which is very practical when digging ditches on the wall.The transportation of small excavators is also more convenient, and the use of light trucks or even pick-up trucks can be completed.

6. Garden operations: the operating environment of agricultural gardens is relatively small, and the surrounding trees and crops are often blocked. In the construction of agricultural gardens, digging and ditching operations can not be practical large machinery, and small excavators are just appropriate.

7. Rural building and road construction: the original rural building needs manual excavation of the foundation and the groove of the upper and lower water pipelines. Now these works can be handed over to small excavators to solve, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also greatly improves the speed of construction.

8. Dangerous work at high altitude: We often see some small excavators working on the cliff in the news during cliff construction or post-disaster reconstruction work.The small excavator chassis can be tilted so that the upper part of the cab remains level, while a wire rope suspends the excavator.


Fuel forklift&electric forklift

Forklift is not only widely used in road transportation, railway transportation, waterway transportation departments, but also widely used in material storage and transportation, postal, military and other departments.It can also be used for handling bulk cargo, unpackaged cargo, large cargo, etc., as well as short distance handling operations.Widely used in mines, warehouses, stations, ports, airports, freight yards, circulation centers and distribution centers and other places, plays an important role.

The market prospect of electric forklift can be said to be very wide.In fact, its power device is the electric motor, and the energy is later storage battery.The current market forklift can carry the gravity range is generally in the range of one ton to eight tons.In terms of operating width, it is generally between 3.5 meters and 5.0 meters.The reason why the electric forklift is used more and more widely recently is actually related to its environmental protection performance.Forklift trucks used in the past are mainly internal combustion forklift trucks, but the cost of resources is relatively large.

If you compare the products, the former can bring more advantages.For example, there will be no environmental pollution when using this kind of forklift, and there will be no great noise when the product is running.Because of this characteristic of electric forklift, most of the enterprises that buy forklift now are to buy this kind of forklift directly.Especially when operating indoors, it can be said that it can greatly reduce the noise generated by the indoor.In addition, in some enterprises with relatively high requirements for the external environment, they will use this kind of forklift.

The reason for the use of electric forklift in the pharmaceutical industry is that it will not cause any pollution and has no impact on the manufacturing of medicine.Secondly, forklifts are also used in food production and processing enterprises.Many buyers also say that buying forklifts with high environmental performance is an industry trend.This kind of forklift will be more and more widely purchased in the future.In addition to the electric forklift, the purchase of other products should also pay attention to environmental protection.


Truck Crane

Widely used in port, workshop, construction site and other places of lifting and handling machinery, crane and lifting equipment, emergency rescue, lifting, machinery, rescue. Cranes can be used in workshop, wharf, subway, port, offshore field, metallurgy, nuclear power and other operating conditions.With the help of the crane, the heavy weight of the project, the bulk of the problem of lifting goods is easily solved.